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Unpack helps travelers pack less by delivering the best products to their destination.
A simple solution to bag fees, packing restrictions, gate checked bags, lost bags, overpacking, and packing mistakes.
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unPack delivers clothes and gear to hotels so you can travel effortlessly. Packing and baggage is getting more stressful and expensive, and the appeal of style curation and sharing economy solutions in the context of travel is growing. In 10 years, we want every traveler to think of a flight as easily as their morning commute. With a few taps, the perfect box of apparel and gear is waiting when they get there.

Andrew Zahornacky Product Marketing Manager, Lead @ Qubit Search Manager @ Razorfish (clients: Starwood Hotels, Uniqlo)

What is unPack?

unPack makes packing and travel a breeze. We deliver a suitcase to your hotel or Airbnb complete with items that are bulky, hard-to-pack or too expensive to buy just for your trip. With unPack you avoid bag check, breeze through the airport and are confident that unPack has the hard part of your packing covered. 

What's inside unPack?

Each unPack is professionally curated by season and for your particular destination city. We include items such as a complete outerwear set, professional accessories (sunglasses-umbrella-belt), mobile charging accessories and a complete set of premium toiletries. We also strive to include the highest quality items that are native to your destination city.

How are Prices So Low?

The price of an unPack is kept low through our partnerships with premium brands looking for travelers like you to try their products. Our brands let you try each item for the duration of your trip with the option to purchase an item at full price should you want to keep it when you head home. However, all toiletries are yours to keep!