Too often the little things in our bag (or not) shortchange an epic trip. In this series, we spotlight the pitfalls that ruin the best travel plans. How can you make your travel packing-proof? UNPACK

Mistake #2: The Belt

It’s late. Tomorrow’s flight is early. You stayed at work to cover yourself before the trip. Now you want to sleep, not to pack. You think, “I’ve got a bag with some clothes. I’ll add my toothbrush in the morning. I’m packed.”

Two things go wrong from here. (1) You head to the airport and your belt is still wrapped around yesterday’s pants. (2) You tossed a new belt in your bag but it’s the wrong color for your clothes.

Now the pants are falling off your easy impulse getaway. Instead of relaxing and feeling your best, you’re just worried:

“Do I go beltless? My friends will notice: “where’s your belt?” 

“These pants don’t fit without a belt. Should I just hold them up or get a new one?”

“We only have two days here. Am I really going to spend the time and money on a belt I don’t really need?”

“A black belt with brown shoes? Mixing black and brown is always going to be a beginner’s mistake no matter how casual. The ultimate faux pas!”

Travel is a lot nicer without having to think about little things like your belt. That’s why unPack delivers a *reversible* black and brown leather belt to every traveler. The belt and shoes match. Your pants fit, and they stay right where you want them. 

Plus, leather belts with metal clips are heavy and bulky. See how much lighter and smaller your bag can be when you’ve got the right belt waiting at your hotel.

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