Too often the little things in our bag (or not) shortchange an epic trip. In this series, we spotlight the pitfalls that ruin the best travel plans. How can you make your travel packing-proof? UNPACK

Mistake # 1: Shampoo explodes all over your clothes.

It’s a little scary how many sites there are to explain how to keep your shampoo from exploding. And it’s easy to see why. The problem has been immortalized in this scene from Friends:

One angry soap bottle can doom your entire trip and make for some awkward conversations. You’re in a new city, open your bag, and your clothes are damp, soapy, and grimy. Now you’re losing travel time to laundry, or you’re buying brand new clothes that you don’t really need, an extra suitcase to hold them, and a checked bag fee for your second bag.

One solution apparently is to put plastic wrap on your toiletry bottles. At unPack, we think this sounds annoying, messy, and time-consuming. A full set of premium toiletries waiting at your hotel? That sounds more like it.

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