Airport security lines have never been this insanely long, and The DHS director warns that with budget cuts and checked bag fees on the rise, air travelers can expect little relief this summer. What to do if you don’t want to go to the airport four hours before take off?

unPack is excited about one trick TSA has rolled out to help travelers who does not want to wait two hours for screening. In select major terminals, TSA is opening “Travel Lite” express lines exclusive to travelers who get on line without a carry-on suitcase.At unPack, we like to call these lanes the “red carpet.”Because with location-optimized luggage waiting at your destination, what are you doing with a carry-on?We’ll keep updating the unPack Blog as we spot new express lines around the country.Earlier in the summer, unPack saw the red carpet at DIA in Denver.

Today, we’re thrilled that an unPack user has tipped us off to another red carpet. This one is at LAX!

unPack is your ticket to the express lane in Los Angeles this summer. Try not to make the weary baggage-laden travelers you pass along the way feel *too* bad.

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