TSA wait times are at their longest and the director says they’re only getting worse. Travelers are bringing bigger carry-ons to the airport as bag fees go up. At unPack, we’ve spotted your strategy to bypass the chaos. If you’re looking to get to the gate faster than you can blink, take The Express Lane. unPack is your ticket.

To help with the lines, TSA is opening “Travel Lite Express Lanes”. What makes them express? Only travelers with 1 personal item (no carry-ons) are allowed. These will be even faster than pre-check and CLEAR because each traveler will have just one small bag. We’re calling the lanes unPack’s Red Carpet. 

unPack will update the blog as new Lanes open at different airports–so you can gloat even more about traveling light.

The first Express Lane we’ve spotted is at DIA in Denver. 

If you’re asking: how could anyone go through TSA with just 1 item and no carry-on. Your answer is unPack. You can leave your carry-on at home and zip through the express lane because the perfect box of apparel, gear, and toiletries is waiting at your hotel. 

Help out your fellow unPack travelers this summer by letting us know (tweet @theunpack) if you spot an express lane on your next trip. 

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